Capela de Santo Amaro (Chapel of Santo Amaro)

Cadima, Cantanhede

It is situated in the village of Quintã, civil parish of Cadima, and was formerly known as the Quinta do Mosteiro de Santa Cruz de Coimbra.


The small chapel from the sixteenth century presents a simple architectural design, with a perfect portico with a round arch, over which a four-lobed oculus from a latter era is situated. The interior has an altarpiece made of Ançã stone with three niches. The niches shelter the images of Santo Amaro, Saint Anthony and the Virgin with the Infant Jesus, all from the sixteenth century. A headstone next to the main entrance of the temple, engraved in 1543, allusive to the time of foundation and patronage, indicates that the Crosier of Coimbra instituted the chapel in the first half of the sixteenth century.
Capela de Santo Amaro (Chapel of Santo Amaro)
Lugar de Quintã

Coordinates: N: 40º19'15, W: 8º39'4
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