Centro Equestre de S. Caetano

São Caetano, Cantanhede

The S. Caetano Equestrian Centre sees itself as a regional association that aims to dignify equestrian sports as well as other types of recreational activities provided for its members. It has a riding school and outdoor sporting activities in touch with nature.

Specific characteristics

Services: Riding School (price list available on the website) and Pony Club Project.
The PONEYCLUB Project aims to bring equestrian activities to the general public; bringing it to children and young people in institutions and to the population in general; to cultivate a taste for activities with horses and with the outdoors; to use the horse in therapeutic practices; to help teachers improve the educational outcomes of children with special educational needs and/or with problematic behaviour.


Besides promoting equestrian, cultural and recreational activities, this project also promotes tourism and activities that protect the environmental.


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Centro Equestre de S. Caetano
Quinta das Amieiras
Corgo Covo
São Caetano
Telefone: 231455557
Telemóvel: 917950193
Telemóvel: 968592095
Coordinates: N: 40º22'42, W: 8º41'33
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