Igreja Matriz da Tocha

Tocha, Cantanhede

It originated from a small chapel consecrated to Nossa Senhora de Atocha, in Madrid.
It was built as a votive offering by a Spaniard, João Garcia de Bacelar, who, finding himself in danger of losing his life, promised to build a temple in the most deserted spot he could find.

Preservation State

The original chapel (1610) evolved throughout the 17th and 18th centuries into the big church which can be admired today, where the chancel and the tiled panels are worthy of particular note.


The first chapel to Nossa Senhora da Atocha was founded in 1610, by D. Juan Garcia Bacelar, from Pontevedra, which explains the dedication of the chapel to Nossa Senhora da Atocha, originally from Madrid. This church has a longitudinal plan, however its inside and outside do not coincide in decorative richness as the outside is plain and sober that hides the richness and decorative exuberance of the interior.
The main façade is delimited by pilasters in the wall-piers, surmounted by pinnacles and opened by a woven portal with a cornice connected to the big window of the choir and, in the gable, an oculus. Inside the church, the aisle is covered by 10 blue and white tile panels, from about 1750.
Igreja Matriz da Tocha
Largo da Tocha

Coordinates: N: 40º18'54, W: 8º45'16
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