Museu Etnográfico de Ançã

Ançã, Cantanhede

This house dates back to the 17th century and is part of Grupo Típico de Ançã (Folk Group of Ançã). It represents the life of the people of Ançã at the beginning of the 20th century.
There you can find the characteristic house of Ançã as well as a valuable patrimony that has been donated to the Grupo Típico of Ançã by its inhabitants.

Specific characteristics

This museum was opened to the public in 1991 and offers a valuable collection donated by the inhabitants of Ançã.
On the 1st floor we can recall the way our ancestors lived, by visiting the bedroom and the kitchen/living room. The ground floor, once used as the cellar or quarters for animals, is now used for temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Remark: It can be visited under previous reservation at the Ançã Tourism Office.

Preservation State

This is a house from the eighteenth century, bought and restored by the Grupo Típico de Ançã, in 1990.


This is an old house, of popular rectangular shape, with two floors. The upper floor was used as a home and the lower floor was used as a barn or storage room. Access to the upper floor is given my means of a stone staircase.
The building has ancient masonry ashlars, with guillotine windows and wooden doors.
Museu Etnográfico de Ançã
Rua Dr. Jaime Cortesão/Rua da Igreja
3060 Ançã
Telefone: 239964545

Coordinates: N: 40º16'22, W: 8º31'25
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