Museu Municipal - Núcleo da Cidade Muralhada (Walled City)

Almedina, Coimbra

The Núcleo da Cidade Muralhada (the Walled City study group), in the Almedina Tower, aims to remind people of the wall that once surrounded the city centre, showing its determining influence on Coimbra?s urban organization.


The interpretation centre is complemented by a town walk, where visitors can see the remains of the defensive wall structure and its boundaries.
In facilities attached to the Almedina Tower (National Monument since 1910) an ancient watchtower for the main city gate, as well as the headquarters of municipal and judicial power for several centuries, various temporary exhibitions and talks on related themes are held.
Museu Municipal - Núcleo da Cidade Muralhada (Walled City)
Pátio do Castilho
Telefone: 239 833 771
Fax: 239 837 967

Coordinates: N: 40º13'45, W: 8º24'56
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