Palacete do Visconde - Pólo de Leitura de Bustos (Bustos Reading Point)

Bustos, Oliveira do Bairro

This building dates back to 1906 and has hybrid architectural features. Its centrality dominates the built cultural heritage of this community, and is at the same time, a crucial reference to understand the social and cultural history of this parish. On the ground floor you can find the Pólo de Leitura de Bustos (Bustos Reading Point).

Preservation State

Although this building is in need of considerable refurbishment, it is still a reference of the architectural heritage of the centre of Bustos and with the passage of time, its tower has become the landmark of this parish.


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Palacete do Visconde - Pólo de Leitura de Bustos (Bustos Reading Point)
Rua 18 de Fevereiro
3770 - Bustos
Telefone: 234753754

Coordinates: N: 40º29'46, W: 8º36'1
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