Parque das Sete Fontes

Ourentã, Cantanhede

Sete Fontes Park is located in the parish of Ourentã, and is a naturally peaceful place, with a high ecological potential and where human intervention is at a minimum.

Specific characteristics

It has a lake, a fountain, a playground and a small maintenance circuit, a picnic area with 2 grills, 7 tables for 4 people and 9 tables for 8 people and other amenities.


Sete Fontes Park is a pleasant and versatile place with an area of about 14000 m2. It has significant environmental, historical, cultural and recreational resources, making it possible to enjoy its many natural resources.
On the East side of the park, there is a thick poplar grove and a stream; on the West side there is a pine forest with oaks and picnic tables; in the centre there is asphalt paving that connects with the reservoir and sete bicas (seven springs) fountain.
Parque das Sete Fontes
Lugar de Sete Fontes
3060 Ourentã

Coordinates: N: 40º21'25, W: 8º32'13
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