Pelourinho de Ançã

Ançã, Cantanhede

This is a monument of public interest according to the decree of 11th October 193. It is made from Pedra de Ança (stone of Ançã) and is about five meters high and according to the historian Jaime Cortesão, this is a baroque pillory.

Preservation State

When pillories were damaged by the weather and the passing of time, they were replaced. The same probably happened in Ançã, as this pillory presents characteristic of the eighteenth-century and was reconstructed in 1875 or 1876, at the expense of the resident prior, the Rev. José Carlos de Paulo.


In Ançã, the pillory was built next to Paço do Marquês de Cascais, former benefactor of the town and, at the time, had iron bars, which are now missing.
Ançã pillory comprises a quadrangular platform, just like the polygon of the access step. Above the platform, raises the column of the pillory, with a lower section made up of a rusticated square and an upper section which is cylindrical and smooth, with no decoration. Over the shaft there is the chapiter (with no abacus), decorated with acanthus leafs. It is about 5 meters high.
Pelourinho de Ançã
Largo do Pelourinho
3060 Ançã

Coordinates: N: 40º16'23, W: 8º31'21
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