Praia Fluvial de Olhos da Fervença

Cadima, Cantanhede

The springs of Olhos de Ferverença, in the County of Cadima, is the water source of the Municipality of Cantanhede and other outlying places and have attracted a significant yearly influx of visitors, not only due to their unusual and unique characteristics, but also due to the fact that they are integrated in a spot of true natural beauty.


To take advantage of the tourist potential of the place, it was built a fluvial beach, as part of an intervention monetary found that includes the correct use of its surrounding space as a leisure area, particularly with the creation of a small sandy beach and a grass area for sunbathing and relaxation, pedestrian circuit, bar and terrace, showers, picnic area and multisports field.
Praia Fluvial de Olhos da Fervença
Olhos de Fervença
3060 Cadima
Telefone: 231410100

Coordinates: N: 40º20'56, W: 8º41'46
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