Reserva Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto

São Jacinto, Aveiro

São Jacinto Natural Reserve has been a protected area since 1979, it is 960 ha in size and lies between the northern arm of the Ria de Aveiro and the sea. It has controlled access with beaches, fixed and mobile dunes, maritime pine forest and fresh water marshes. Its main goal is to stop the advance of the sea through the conservation of the dunes, the safeguarding of land for cultivation and to protect the dune ecosystem (fauna and flora included) and to promote environmental awareness and education activities.
To discover this protected area, there are hiking trails: Green, Blue and Red which have been carefully marked, or you can opt for a guided tour offered by the nature reserve services, by previously booking.
For your own safety, please find out about the track features you want to visit, in the Interpretative Centre. Bicycles and motor vehicles are not allowed. São Jacinto Natural Reserve can be visited throughout the year, however, some tracks may be temporarily closed in adverse weather conditions.
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Specific characteristics

Track tours without guide:

You can visit the Natural Reserve every day, except on Sundays and public holidays.

During the hunting period tracks are also closed on Thursdays.

Situated in a mild weather region, São Jacinto Natural Reserve can be visited during the whole year. However some tracks may be temporarily closed in adverse weather conditions.

For your own safety, the authorities of this protected area must always be informed of your presence. For that reason, you should always inform Reception of your presence.

If the reception is closed, please contact: +351960335438.

You can enter the tracks during the following schedule: from 9:30 am to 12 noon and 1pm to 5pm.

Track tours with guide:

?A guided tour"

Groups with up to 30 people

Tour beginning- 9:30 am or 2:00 pm

Duration: 3 hours

Cost per person - 2 Euros

Students - 1 Euro


How to get to São Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve

Distance from São Jacinto Dunes Natural Reserve to the main cities.
Lisbon - 305Km; Aveiro - 45km; Porto - 60km

There are several alternatives to get to the site:

If you?re coming by car from the South, we suggest:
Take highway number one (A1) and leave it in the Estarreja intersection. Follow the direction of Murtosa, Torreira and S. Jacinto.
Take A25 and leave it on Estarreja intersection. Follow the direction of Estarreja, Murtosa, Torreira and S. Jacinto.
You can drive to Aveiro and then follow the direction Praias (beaches). Turn right in the direction of the commercial port (porto comercial), and at the Forte da Barra, get the ferryboat.

If you are coming from the North, we suggest:
Take A29 and leave it in Ovar Norte and follow the direction to Furadouro, Torreira and S.Jacinto.
If you use A1, leave it in the Feira intersection and follow the direction of Ovar and follow to Furadouro, Torreira and S.Jacinto.
If you are coming by train, either from the North or from the South, leave the train at the Aveiro railway station. You can also take the bus to Forte da Barra, where you can take the public motorboat to S. Jacinto.

Natural Reserve information services are 1Km away from the village.
Motorboat and Ferryboat services have different schedules for Summer and Winter. You can check all the schedules at


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Flora Observation
Reserva Natural das Dunas de São Jacinto
Reserva Natural das Dunas de S. Jacinto (RNDSJ)
Estrada Nacional 327
São Jacinto
3800-901 SÃO JACINTO
Telefone: 234331282
Telefone: 234831063
Coordinates: N: 40º40'51, W: 8º43'13
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