Torre de Almedina

Almedina, Coimbra

This was built above the Almedina Arch and its function was to keep watch and to defend the main access to the city within the walls.


Its construction dates back to the time of D. Sesnando (11th century) and was modified many times over the centuries. It used to be the seat of the municipal and judicial governors. Currently, the Núcleo da Cidade Muralhada and the Interpretation Centre work there, where it is possible to find out more about the history of the wall and the city in the Middle Ages.


Acesso ao Recurso
By Foot
Private car
Public bus
Tourist Bus
Tour Mini-Bus
Actividades desenroladas dentro do recurso turístico
Study and Research
Taking pictures and filming
Serviços correntes fora dos recursos turísticos
Selling food and / or drinks Kiosks
Fast Food Sale
Travel Agency
Local Museums
Postal Service
Sale of Handicrafts
Informatic material sale (books, magazines, cards, videos, etc..)
Photography materials sale
Cinemas and Theatres
Torre de Almedina
Pátio do Castilho, 3000-422 Coimbra
Telefone: 239 833 771
Fax: 239 837 967

Coordinates: N: 40º12'36, W: 8º25'42
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