Caves Arcos do Rei

Arcos, Anadia

The Cellars Arcos do Rei combine the simplicity of tradition from vineyard to the final consumer.
In fact is not governed by criteria closed and, as such, is happy to show the farming. Since visits to company facilities, wine tasting, both in Bairrada, as in Dão, the group strives to lead the best connoisseurs, combining work with a touch of tradition.


A succession of three family generations is the key behind the success of the group we represent. Tradition combined with work values and perseverance casts a quality trend you want to be reflected throughout the production of wines from Cellars Arcos do Rei.
The development and efficiency are the hallmarks of our company, based on a dynamic expansion, which goes beyond the Portuguese borders.
Save the lessons of the past and adapt them to present to provide always "more and better" connoisseurs of "wine with history" is our daily maximum.
The commitment guided the activities of the Arcos do Rei, from the stage of harvest, in the vineyards, to the time the final product reaches the consumer taste.

Distinctive Aspects

The quality and beauty of the vineyards belonging to the Cellars Arcos do Rei are mirrored in the existing care with each individual vine. The green leaves characterizes the vivacity of a group that aims nothing except the satisfaction of looking for their products.
The Region of Dão, rich in wisdom and culture, includes one of the most unique vineyards of Portugal, integrated in our domain. The presence of a granite monument, dating from the Iron Age and rated by IPPAR makes the most characteristic vineyard, synonymous with the legendary suggestion and a possible treasure nearby. Our group feels proud of this detail, able to make a difference not only in the Dao, and the country in general.


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Íssimo Baga Bruto Blanc de Noir DOP Bairrada 2013
0 Awards
Íssimo Baga Bruto Blanc de Noir DOP Bairrada 2013
Vasco da Gama Branco 2014
0 Awards
Vasco da Gama Branco 2014
Íssimo Branco 2014
0 Awards
Íssimo Branco 2014

Íssimo Baga 2014
0 Awards
Íssimo Baga 2014

Íssimo Baga Syrah 2014
0 Awards
Íssimo Baga Syrah 2014

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Caves Arcos do Rei
Caves Arcos do Rei, Lda.
Rua da Igreja
Apartado 147
3780-907 Anadia

Telefone: 231511267
Fax: 231504653
E-mail: geral@arcosrei.pt
E-mail: rribeiro@caves-arcosrei.pt
Web: http://www.arcosrei.pt

Coordinates: N: 40º26'52, W: 8º26'23
How to reach us
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Cellars: Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 1:00pm and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm
Visits: Monday to Friday: 9:00am to 1:00pm and from 2:00pm to 6:00pm (by appointment)
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