João Vaz Restaurant

Luso, Mealhada

The unique experience of entering a true royal palace and feasting on an imperial meal is what this great restaurant has to offer you. It provides an authentic fairy-tale atmosphere in an enchanted forest, where you can enjoy the best of what Portugal has to tempt you. The historical atmosphere combines with our gastronomical delicacies that have long been the brand image of this restaurant and its special visiting card.


You will feel an intense, unique experience when you enter Bussaco Palace, a sense of history and mysticism in a place where everything comes together to offer you a memorable meal and an experience in the art of living.
The surroundings could not be better for an unforgettable gastronomic experience: the magnificent former dining room of the Palace of Bussaco and its sumptuous setting is worthy of crowned heads, with its Arabian wooden ceiling wrought over the years by the best artisans, with the refined patterns of its wooden floors and magnificent frescos on the walls evoking remarkable passages of the Lusíadas, by João Vaz de Camões. All this is perfectly fashioned in the majestic stone of Ançã, cut by sculptors who shaped with passionate chisel the ships and scenes of the Portuguese Discoveries. The majestic doorway is the focal point and it looks out on to the lush green forest and into a gallery marked by the perfection of lacy neo-Manueline through which natural light streams in and further embellishes this unique restaurant.

It was here that, during the 1920s, the claim that traditional Portuguese cuisine could contend with classic cuisine in the French tradition was proclaimed and the Bairrada dishes of chanfana, roast suckling pig and codfish were introduced along with cuisine in the purest Escoffier tradition.
Now, in the deepest respect for its historical legacy and the precepts of fine dining, under the command of the young Chef Orlando Castro, gastronomes from all over the world come to taste his stimulating signature cuisine, with strong roots in local traditional flavours and in the purest tenets of great classical gastronomy. The most acclaimed features of this chef?s art are the reinvention and development of different local Bairrada delicacies.
Since 1917, given its long tradition and experience, this restaurant is also the setting for important memorable events, ranging from receptions for heads of state, to banquets, weddings, christenings and other important festivities.

Another high point of this dining experience comes from the refinement conferred by the legendary Bussaco Wines; initially they were house wines, later they were ?reserves? now they are ?reserved? mis-en-bouteille au château wines, since 1920. They are acclaimed world-wide by the wine-loving community and constitute maximum reference in all major global wine tours. Wine lovers from all over the world have made Bussaco, the spiritual headquarters of the Brotherhood of Bairrada Oenophiles, a cult place where a visit to pay homage to its mysticism and to enjoy the rare outstanding wines is mandatory, like the magnificent white (1944) and red (1945) wines, the chosen vintages for the official reception of the Portuguese Government to Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Distinctive Aspects

To enjoy a meal in a real palace, in a room which once hosted the most exquisite royal banquets in a scenario of pure dream and magic.
The beauty and grandeur of the place and the high quality of the cuisine and wines. The creativity and contemporary cuisine by Chef Orlando Castro, who with skill and sensitivity recovers and develops a whole regional gastronomic heritage in an elegant recipe repertoire that enhances authenticity and quality. The famous Wines of Bussaco, mis-en-bouteille au château, obtainable exclusively at this hotel group, international reference in Portuguese wines and the reason why so many wine-lovers from all over the world come here. The idyllic outdoor gallery, overlooking the gardens and the verdant northern side of the Bussaco Mountain, considered by many as one of the most beautiful places in the world to have a meal. The legendary Bussaco Wine cellar, where you can taste the wines and exclusive cocktails.


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João Vaz Restaurant
Mata do Bussaco

Telefone: 231937970
Fax: 231930509
E-mail: bussaco@almeidahotels.com
Web: http://www.almeidahotels.com

Coordinates: N: 40º22'34, W: 8º21'56
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