Palace Hotel do Bussaco

Luso, Mealhada

The last palace of Portuguese Kings was transformed into the most legendary Hotel in Portugal and into one of the most beautiful and historical hotels of the world; a symbol of the art of hospitality since 1917. The majestic and bucolic Buçaco National Forest, the botanical ex-libris of this region, with its religious and romantic military past provides the hotel with the perfect landscape framing for the Buçaco Hotel Palace in its splendorous neo-gothic style; the dream of a visionary King that came true, when he built the most truly magical fairy tale castle in an enchanted forest, just like his romantic German cousins had done. The ancient tradition of Portuguese hospitality, signature dishes in a fabulous royal banquet room and a mythical cellar made up of the world-famous Wines from Bussaco, mis-en-bouteille au château add to the exquisite experience. A unique, genuine experience to make your dreams come true.


A real palace awaits you; a genuine fairy tale palace in an enchanted forest. In a legendary Palace built for the last Kings of Portugal in 1885, you can find the Palace Hotel do Bussaco, since 1917, doubtlessly one of the most beautiful and historical hotels of the world. It is located north of Coimbra, just 2 hours away from Lisbon and 1 hour away from Porto, amidst the Bussaco National Forest, a natural botanical ex-libris of Portugal. This vast forest was planted by the Order of the Barefoot Carmelites in the first quarter of the 17th Century so that a house of Desert for meditation and reflection could be built there that would be closer to the Creator. It lodges several vegetal species from all over the world, some of them rare and gigantic like the ?Cedro do Bussaco? (Bussaco Cedar), a huge, remarkable species. Bussaco National Forest offers you many unforgettable nature trails, where you can be in contact with nature and enjoy the dazzling fountains, chapels and viewpoints. The Sacred-Way with its stations of the Cross and the Convent of Santa Cruz also give this unique, bucolic place a rare atmosphere of peace and calm.
In the centre of this natural and architectural setting that is unique in Europe lies the Palace Hotel, in its fascinating neo-manueline style, conceived by the last Kings of Portugal with a stroke of real genius in the romantic fashion of the Saxen-Coburg-Gotha. It is sumptuously furnished and decorated with several works of art, frescos, paintings and the best collection of nineteenth century tile panels representing the Epic Portuguese Discoveries as narrated by Luis de Camões, and the Battle of Bussaco: all created by great masters, among other historical and cultural themes so in vogue in the nineteenth century. The amazing frescos that evoke the atmosphere of kings and queens must have a special mention here, as well as the meticulous tracery made of Ançã stone that decorates the whole palace. The majestic dining room of the Palace, that was once the scene of important royal banquets, is now one of the most refined restaurants in Portugal. Here we serve our traditional gastronomy and specialities as well as international dishes, all of this with exclusive Wines from Bussaco. Staying at the Bussaco Hotel Palace is a unique experience. Nobles, heads of state, politicians, people of letters and the arts and the world of business take refuge in Bussaco to enjoy some moments of evasion and to give solace and rest to their bodies and souls. The Palace with all its historical details, art and finery and the surrounding forest invite visitors to enjoy a unique sense of place and authenticity. Whoever has visited it will long for the perfection of the moments spent there and the relaxation enjoyed in this idyllic setting and will want to return. Welcome to this unique experience to be enjoyed to the full.

Distinctive Aspects

The unique experience of staying in a genuine palace, living like kings. Enjoy a cultural and historical experience provided by this neo-manueline Palace, with its artistic elements and details, references to epic Portuguese literary work, furniture and antiques reminiscent of the Portuguese discoveries and other great Portuguese achievements. The unique forest landscape that is a worldwide botanical reference and offers you fabulous and unforgettable nature trails, with fountains, chapels and viewpoints. The culture and art of Portuguese food with its magnificent cuisine of signature dishes by contemporary chefs and the timeless wonder of local gastronomy. The elegance and exclusivity of the Bussaco Cellar, with its famous legendary Wines from Bussaco, renowned among the wine-loving community. The ideal retreat for a dream stay full of magic.


  • Quartos
    • Nº de Quartos: 62
    • Nº de Camas: 40
    • Nº de Suites
      • Duplas: 4
    • Fumadores/Não Fumadores
      • Fumadores: 0
      • Não Fumadores: 64
  • Preços
    • Época Baixa
      • Singles: 88
      • Duplos: 100
      • Suites: 300
      • Cama Extra: 50
    • Época Alta
      • Singles: 120
      • Duplos: 150
      • Suites: 300
  • Formas de Reserva
    • Telefone
    • E-Mail
    • Fax
    • Internet
  • Formas de Pagamento
    • Multibanco
    • Numerário
    • Cartões de Crédito
  • Horário de Check in: 15h00
  • Horário de Check out: 12h00
  • Instalações
    • Quartos
      • Acesso à Internet
        • Livre
      • Ar Condicionado
      • Aquecimento
      • Banheiro Privativo
      • Chuveiro
      • Banheira Combinados
      • Conveniências de Boas-Vindas
      • Varanda
      • Janelas com Vista
      • Minibar
      • Quartos para Não-Fumadores
      • Roupa de Cama
      • Secador de Cabelo
      • Telefone Directo
      • Televisão
      • TV Cabo
      • Cofre Individual
      • Serviço Despertador
      • Jornal Diário
      • Berços Disponíveis
      • Camas Extras
      • kit de Costura
      • Roupões de Banho
      • Chinelos
      • Serviço de Massagem no Quarto
      • Utensílios de Toalete de Cortesia
      • Pequeno-Almoço no Quarto
    • Negócio, Reuniões e Eventos
      • Sala de Reuniões
        • Tamanho: vários
        • Capacidade: 80
        • Formato
          • Em "U"
          • Escola
          • Recepção
          • Banquete
      • Sala de Conferências
        • Tamanho: vários
        • Capacidade: 80
        • Formato
          • Em "U"
          • Escola
          • Recepção
          • Banquete
      • Ecrã de Projecção
      • Vídeo Projector
      • Sistema de som Serviço de Coffee-Break e de buffet
      • Serviços de Apoio
      • Aluguer de Computadores
      • Recepção 24h
      • Internet
        • Tipo: Banda Larga
    • Serviços Gerais
      • Ligação à Internet
        • Tipo de Ligação: Banda Larga
      • Sala de TV
      • TV Cabo
      • Bar
      • Restaurante
      • Sala de Reuniões
      • Sala de Conferências
      • Lavandaria
      • Cofre Geral
      • WI-FI
      • Jornal Diário
      • Estacionamento Privado
      • Welcome Drink
      • Serviço Fax / Fotocopiadora
      • Serviço para Crianças / Babysitting
      • Jardim
      • Adega
Palace Hotel do Bussaco
Mata do Buçaco
3050-261 Luso, Mealhada

Telefone: 231937970 (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
E-mail: bussaco@almeidahotels.pt
Web: http://www.almeidahotels.pt

Coordinates: N: 40º22'34, W: 8º21'56
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