Quinta do Encontro

São Lourenço do Bairro, Anadia

Quinta do Encontro cellars stands out for its different production philosophy and its image as it is different from the one associated with the Bairrada region.


The Quinta do Encontro project starts in 2000 with a new concept, with a different production philosophy from the one associated with this region.
Quinta do Encontro?s name is due to its closeness to Cruz do Encontro, situated in S. Lourenço do Bairro, Anadia.
Quinta do Encontro started producing wine in 1930, in a small cellar in Paredes do Bairro. With the presence of Dão Sul in the project, a reorganisation of 10 hectares of its vineyard, half of the whole property was restructured. In 2005, with the need to boost the project and increase and improve our winemaking capacity, the construction of a new winery was started. We also continued the effort to promote wine tourism and our view of coupling our image of cellar design with a modern and innovative style.

Distinctive Aspects

Here you can make contact with the various stages of the production process, from the vineyard to the wine tasting.
Surrounded by the viticultural landscape, the cylindrical shape of the winery allows visitors to get a panoramic perspective of the surroundings, an observing how it is an integral part of this space, in harmony with nature.
The Estate features a restaurant with quality service, with nouvelle cuisine and wine-lovers? menus and also a wine shop.


  • Instalações
    • Recepção
    • Loja de Vinhos
      • Pagamento Multibanco
      • Dias de Abertura: Terça a Domingo
      • Horário de Funcionamento: 10H00 - 22H00
    • Sala de Provas
    • Circuito de Visita
    • Sala de Refeições para Grupo
      • Capacidade: 230
    • Restaurante
      • Funcionamento: Terça a Domingo
      • Capacidade: 28
      • Refeições
        • Almoços
        • Jantares
    • Sala de Reuniões
      • Capacidade: 12
    • Acesso a Deficientes
    • Parque de Estacionamento
  • Reuniões e Eventos
    • Sala de Reuniões
      • Capacidade: 230
      • Ecrã de Projecção
      • Vídeo Projector
      • Sistema de Som
      • Serviço Coffee-Break
      • Serviço de Apoio
      • Internet
        • Tipo: Wireless
Quinta do Encontro
Rua de São Lourencinho | 3780-907 São Lourenço do Bairro, Aveiro

Telefone: +351 231 527 155
Telefone: +351 232 960 140
E-mail: geral@quintadoencontro.pt
Web: http://www.quintadoencontro.pt

Coordinates: N: 40º26'29, W: 8º29'27
How to reach us
Enter your location
Guided Tours
Visit Days: Tuesday and Sunday
Schedule: Tuesday to Saturday: 11h30am, 3h30pm and 6h30pm | Sunday 11h30am, 3h30pm
Individual or group but requires appointment
Duration: 30 minutes
Languages: Portuguese, English, French and Spanish
Price: free of charge

Wines Shop
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm
Sunday from 10am 6pm

Booking required.
Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 10pm
Sunday from 10am 6pm
Capacity: 200 people
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