Rei dos Leitões


Since 1947, the Rei dos Leitões keep the tradition of welcoming the customers and friends and furnaces the calories provided by the wood and eucalyptus bark.
It is the second oldest restaurant in the country in the sale of this delicacy, nationally and internationally recognized, Piglet.
With a good unique taste and light in depth Rei dos Leitões has much more to offer beyond what is tangible.
The Leitão da Bairrada is a product of gastronomic excellence, the region that gives the name, Bairrada. Its geographic area includes the...


A sunny thursday may ascension 40 days after the Passover in 1947, the family decided to roast a pig and sell it at retail in a small tavern rude and simple they owned, and where ever ate other beautiful snacks autochthonous. always well accompanied by good wine, farmer who at the time were consumed
Away the time would come that the movement registered on the national highway 1 would be intense Rei dos Leitões kept the tradition of furnaces the calories provided by wood, eucalyptus bark, and to serve well .... these are some of the features that differentiate and praise this restaurant.

Distinctive Aspects

Since 1947 piglet is served with baked potato with skin that is the origin of this delicious regional dish.
The bread of Mealhada is consumed according to their origin and production and the portuguese water of Luso globally recognized for its properties and purity.


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Rei dos Leitões
Avenida da Restauração, 17
3050-382 Mealhada

Telefone: 231202093 (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Telemóvel: 968123084 (Chamada para a rede móvel nacional)
E-mail: reidosleitoes@sapo.pt
Web: https://www.facebook.com/restaurantereidosleitoes

Coordinates: N: 40º23'24, W: 8º27'2
How to reach us
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Open from 9:00am to 11:00pm

Week off: Wednesday
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