Aliança Vinhos de Portugal

Sangalhos, Anadia

Aliança was founded over 80 years, in 1927, in the Bairrada region and currently produces wines, sparkling wines and brandies.
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Test your olfactory memory and identify aromas from different profiles! Recognize the various taste...
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INCLUDES: Guided Tour to the Aliança Underground Museum Sparkling Wine Tasting Suckling Pig bread rolls (2...
Wine Moments - Visits
The first underground museum where sparkling wines, still wines and brandies are aging in perfect harmony...
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Adventure yourself in the world of wines - ALIANÇA Aliança proposes a tasting in order to find your...

Specific characteristics

The opening of the unique Aliança Underground Museum on the 24th April 2010, in the underground galleries of the company, reinforces this new dynamics. Under the administration of the company?s wine tourism department, this exhibition space embodies the signature of the entire Group: Art, Wine and Passion, by relating its passion for producing great wines with its passion for art, in a cultural environment that is already a national reference.

Preservation State

Excellent condition.


In 2007, Commander José Berardo acquired Aliança?s major capital, and made it part of Grupo Bacalhôa.
The social designation of Caves Aliança S.A. was modified to Aliança Vinhos de Portugal S.A. in March 2008, the moment that the institutional image was changed. Also in 2008, the brand Aliança Vinhos de Portugal started to be distributed by Viborel Distribuição S.A. in national market.
Aliança wines has Quinta dos Quatro Ventos, Quinta da Garrida, Quinta da Terrugem and Quinta das Baceladas. Has won several awards, national and internationally, and the company was considered, in 2005, one of the 20 best companies in the sector worldwide, by Wine Spectator, being the only one in Iberia Peninsula to be included in this evaluation.
Aliança Vinhos de Portugal

Telefone: 234732000
Fax: 234732005

Coordinates: N: 40º29'22, W: 8º28'18
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Aliança Vinhos de Portugal
Monday to Friday
9:30am - 01:00pm; 02:00pm - 06:30pm

Aliança Underground Museum
Monday to Sunday
10:30am - 01:00pm; 02:00pm - 06:30pm
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