Biblioteca Municipal de Anadia

Arcos, Anadia

The Municipal Library of Anadia was inaugurated on July 3rd, 2008 and is a modern, harmonious and well equipped facility, with technology that allows for easy access to all the available material. It has Internet access and communication support for the local community and for visitors to the town. There is an exhibitions hall and an auditorium for holding conferences, seminars or other events. There are regular activities, with open enrolment for users aged from 6 months.
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Specific characteristics

Spaces available:
-Entrance hall
- Adult section
- Juvenile section
- Audiovisual section
- Internet Section
- Multipurpose Room
- Auditorium(cap. 120 seats)
- coffee bar and 2 indoor yards


Reading and research (formal and informal) Attendance (general / adult, periodicals, children, local information)
- Lending Library
- Attendance, information and reference
- Activities Service and cultural extension (exhibitions, storytelling, etc.)
- Access to multimedia resources (movies, disks, cd-roms, etc.)
- Free access to multimedia computers (computer and internet)
- Reprographics
- Promotion of books and reading
- Interlibrary Loan
- Training and self-user information (general, ICT, etc.)


Acesso ao Recurso
By Foot
Private car
Public bus
Tourist Bus
Public Mini-Bus
Tour Mini-Bus
Actividades desenroladas dentro do recurso turístico
Cultural Activities
Study and Research
Events realization
Serviços actuais dentro do Recurso
Serviços correntes fora dos recursos turísticos
Banks - ATMs
Cinemas and Theatres
Biblioteca Municipal de Anadia
Rua das Sobreiras
3780-297 Anadia
Telefone: 231519090
Fax: 231519099
Coordinates: N: 40º26'7, W: 8º26'23
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