Biblioteca Municipal de Oliveira de Bairro

Oliveira do Bairro

This Municipal Library was inaugurated in 2000 in this Historical Building of the Municipality of Oliveira do Bairro. It provides book loan services, on-site consultation, community information services, reprography, library support and bibliographic orientation, services in cultural extension to the community and organises reading-related activities like story-telling sessions. There is also a multipurpose room and an exhibitions hall.

Preservation State

This building was originally the barn of the Duques de Lafões and was acquired by the Oliveira do Bairro Town Council in the mid-nineteenth century to be the seat of the Town Hall, in this way replacing the former building where these services worked in poor conditions. In the late 20th century, after the construction of the present building for the Town Hall, it was remodelled, and the only element that remained untouched was the façade. The building is now used as the Municipal Library.


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Biblioteca Municipal de Oliveira de Bairro
Av. Abílio Pereira Pinto
3770 - 201 Oliveira do Bairro
Telefone: 234740330

Coordinates: N: 40º30'45, W: 8º29'28
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