Capela de S. Bento

Ançã, Cantanhede

This is the most beautiful of the chapels of Ançã, and it was built in 1599. The most important popular festivals take place there: S. Bento (Easter Tuesday) and S. Tomé (25th July).
It is built on top of a hill, called Peixeira, on the opposite side of Várzea, where Ribeira de Ança (the Ança stream) runs. From the top of the hill you can enjoy the beautiful landscape of Ança.


Religious Mannerist architecture.
The Chapel of S. Bento is a votive chapel, with its vast portal sheltering the main entrance and it is completely vaulted in ashlar coffins, both in the aisle and in the apse and sacristy.
Its main altarpiece and the rare stone vaulting throughout the chapel are also ex libris of note.
Capela de S. Bento
Largo de S. Bento
3060 Ançã

Coordinates: N: 40º16'9, W: 8º31'24
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The Chapel opens to visitors only on the day of celebration in honor of St. Bento.
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