Capela de S. Mateus


The date of foundation of this small chapel remains unknown, although it is known to be very old. The outer part of the temple is modest, with three buttresses in the north wall and two in the south wall, a portico in the main entrance, two side doors that lead to the aisle and another that leads to the house of offerings and to the sacristy

Specific characteristics

It can be visited upon reservation at the Paroquia de Cantanhede (Parish church)

Preservation State

In 1875, this chapel suffered extensive renovation, which were followed by other small changes: in the 1890s (enlargement of sacristy), 1900 (enlargement of the chapel) and 1902 (building of the choir).


Inside the chapel, there is a baroque retable made in gilded woodwork of the 18th century, composed of four Solomonic columns and reliefs depicting S. Mateus, the patron saint. He is represented in the centre in a wooden image, made by Guilherme Ferreira Tedim, in 1942.
Capela de S. Mateus
Largo de São Mateus
Telefone: 231422245

Coordinates: N: 40º20'51, W: 8º35'21
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