Capela de São Tomé da Pocariça

Pocariça, Cantanhede

Small chapel devoted to S. Tomé and built in the 16th century.


The chapel features a nave and high altar. In its modest interior, stands the seventeenth century altarpiece in polychrome stone of Ançã,. The whole rectable is made from Ançã stone, with five niches separated by columns and fluted pilasters with Corinthian capitals. The middle niche has the image of S. Tomé and in the others are the images of S. João Baptista, S. Tiago, Rainha Santa and an image of the Virgin and Child, identified by Viriato de Sá Fragoso as Nossa Senhora dos Remédios (Our Lady of Remedies). All of them are made of stone and from the 17th century..
Capela de São Tomé da Pocariça
Largo de S. Tomé
3060 Pocariça

Coordinates: N: 40º22'1, W: 8º34'54
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