Cine-Teatro Municipal Messias


This is currently the cultural the heart of Mealhada with a theatre for showing films, plays, holding conferences, exhibitions, private and public parties and other cultural events such as the annual ceremony of sports awards or the new year concert.

Specific characteristics

This is a building with the characteristic features of Portuguese Estado Novo (or Second Republic) style, with its yellow and white walls and its tower that looms against the surrounding structure. This is one of two buildings in this county with this kind of architecture, and the other one is Grande Hotel do Luso, which is situated in Luso.
Shortly after its reopening, the entire surrounding area was restored and landscaped, provided the theatre with a car park and a new image to the town centre.


Located next to IC2 road, this is a multipurpose cultural venue that can hold various activities.


Acesso ao Recurso
On Horse
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Actividades desenroladas dentro do recurso turístico
Cultural Activities
Social Activities
Events realization
Taking pictures and filming
Serviços actuais dentro do Recurso
Cine-Teatro Municipal Messias
Avenida da Cidade
3050 - Mealhada
Telefone: 231209870 (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)

Coordinates: N: 40º22'31, W: 8º26'57
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