Ecomuseu - Museu do Sal

Glória, Aveiro

In 1995, the municipal council acquired a salt-works and created what is now called Marinha da Troncalhada Ecomuseum, next to Canal das Pirâmides (Pyramids canal). You can visit this museum with or without a guide and experience the harvesting of salt with traditional methods that are still in use. You can also enjoy the outstanding surrounding landscape, the fauna and the flora of this extraordinary environment.


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Ecomuseu - Museu do Sal
Marinha da Troncalhada
Cais das Pirâmides
3800 Aveiro
Telefone: 234406485 (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Fax: 234406307

Coordinates: N: 40º38'42, W: 8º39'44
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