Esculturas dos Simpósios Internacionais de Escultura de Cantanhede

, Cantanhede

A collection of sculptures which were created ´in situ´, by international and national artists, who left a legacy to the Municipality, of works of art which evoke some of the most significant social and cultural references of the Municipality.

Specific characteristics

The sculptures were made during the various editions of the symposium and can be seen in public places and leisure areas of this Municipality. This not only confers aesthetic value on the sculptures but also endows the Municipality with a valuable heritage.


The main goal of the Cantanhede International Culpture Symposium is to celebrate the art of working stone, an activity that has been a tradition is the southern area of this territory for centuries. An important public demonstration of artistic production has thus been generated that follows the development of the creative process of prominent national and international sculptors in producing art pieces symbolically associated with Pedra de Ança, that is nowadays still extracted from several zones in the south of the Municipality, namely from the parishes of Ançã, Portunhos and Outil.
Esculturas dos Simpósios Internacionais de Escultura de Cantanhede
Esculturas espalhadas pelo Concelho de Cantanhede.

Coordinates: N: 40º20'50, W: 8º35'36
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