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Tamengos, Anadia

The building of the Curia Railway Station was ceded to the Rota da Bairrada association by the Town Council of Anadia, with the express aim of reusing this historical monument to create a place for the promotion of the Bairrada region. It was inaugurated on the 17th April 2010.
Since then, it has been an open door to visitors can enjoy the monument as well as the promotional products of the Bairrada region.

Specific characteristics

Nowadays, you can visit this space and enjoy its original traits, as all the tiling in the compartments as well as the waiting rooms, with their wooden benches, remain intact.


The former passenger building consists of a ground floor that is 38,5m long and 9,20 m wide, where the necessary offices for the services of the station were positioned: there are dispatch and luggage storage rooms, the tourism section, tobacconist and telephone booths, offices for the stationmaster, telegraph, the toilets and tickets offices with wrought iron railings to protect the hatches.
There were also waiting rooms, one for first and second class passengers and another for third class passengers, furnished and decorated with originality, art and comfort. It also has an elegant marble hall and door-top pieces as well as beautiful panels of scalloped tiles by the painter, ceramist and draughtsman Jorge Barradas.
This monument dates back to 1944 and was designed by the architect Cottinelli Telmo, one of the most important architects from the beginning of Estado Novo (Second Republic).
Cottinelli Telmo was one of the designers of Portuguese National Railway Company and studied at the Escola Superior de Belas-Artes (Fine Arts School). He began his career designing projects for the Portuguese Railway Company, and the Curia Station and the remodelled Rossio Statio are good examples of his work.
He was also responsible for the Portuguese World Exhibiton (1940) and an author of the university city of Coimbra (1943-48). The tile panels in the Curia Station were designed by Jorge Barradas, in 1945, at the Viúva Lamego Factory, where he painted them himself.
These panels show country scenes that aspire to rekindling rural mystique. These panels of scalloped tiles have a human figure as the focal point of the composition. These polychromatic country scenes are boarded in a model frame, inspired in similar boarders of narrative tile panels of the eighteenth century, with their undulating scalloping, and decorative motifs with putti, flowerpots and Solomonic columns.


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Espaço Bairrada - Wine Tourism and Passion Store
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