Mata Nacional do Buçaco

Luso, Mealhada

Mata Nacional do Buçaco (Buçaco National Woods) is a priceless heritage which is unrivalled in Portugal and in the whole world. It is an extraordinary centuries-old heritage that displays relevant historical, religious, military, botanical, architectural and cultural elements in a landscape that is home to numerous fauna and flora and transpires national identity and a sense of place.
Nature Activities - Cultural
VISIT 1: Convento de Sta Cruz VISIT 2: Convento de Santa Cruz and Jardins do Palace Hotel do Buçaco VISIT...

Specific characteristics

What a unique experience it is to follow its tree boarded tracks, with the rays of light filtering through the luxuriant trees in the underlying silence and singular freshness. It?s also a good opportunity to get to know its vast historical, religious and military heritage, as well the chapels, the refuges for the friars, the small lakes and fountains. Buçaco Military Museum which is allusive to the Battle of Buçaco in 1810 and, in the heart of this natural heritage, Buçaco Palace Hotel, a jewel of Portuguese architecture and history and formerly the home of kings. It also houses the Santa Cruz Monastery, unique in Portugal with its church situated between the four courtyards forming a cloister and bearing the signs of its history and mystique.


If you come to Mata do Buçaco, you really must visit Vale dos Fetos (valley of ferns), Fonte Fria (cold fountain), that will transport you to an idyllic atmosphere, as well as the Cruz Alta viewpoint, the highest point of Serra do Buçaco, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the whole surrounding area.
Mata do Buçaco is undoubtedly the spot that brings together a uniquely beautiful landscape and the grandeur of history and religion.


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Mata Nacional do Buçaco

Telefone: 231937000 (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Telefone: 231937004 (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Telemóvel: 963007857 (Chamada para a rede móvel nacional)

Coordinates: N: 40º22'34, W: 8º21'57
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