Museu de Etnomúsica da Bairrada

Troviscal, Oliveira do Bairro

Inaugurated in 2005, this museum was created through the initiative of the Town Council of Oliveira do Bairro and its main goal is to preserve the musical heritage, created and lived by many generations in the whole region of Bairrada. The museum has a wide collection of instruments, sheet music, recordings, various documents and testimonies always connecting music and Bairrada. Entrance is free.

Specific characteristics

The Museum provides several services: guided tours; documentation centre, which is a special place to carry out research as it brings together different information in various kinds of data storage as monographs, journals, tapes and audio CD?s relating to ethno music in general and to the region of Bairrada in particular; exhibition rooms: the ground floor has a permanent exhibition where the ethno musical reality of the Region is shown through the the description of thirty-five musical associations of the region. In the basement there is an interactive area, where the senses and creativity are stimulated with activities relating to music and musical instruments are built from recyclable materials.


The Museum aims to preserve, study, promote and publicise the collections that are part of its heritage, and in this contribute towards the expansion of the musical and ethographic culture of Bairrada, of Portugal and of the whole world. Comprising two distinct exhibition spaces, the museum houses important collections with pieces that are all from the five municipalities of Bairrada (Águeda, Anadia, Cantanhede, Mealhada and Oliveira do Bairro). It is a modern building equipped with all the services required for its functions and these may also be visited. Such is the case of the restoration workshop, cleaning and treatment of parts, the centre of documental research and the reserves area. There is also a room for lectures, conferences and other events, as well as an area for educational activities, for children.


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Museu de Etnomúsica da Bairrada
Rua Jaime Pato
3770 - 410 Troviscal
Oliveira do Bairro
Telefone: 234757005
Fax: 234757001
Coordinates: N: 40º29'54, W: 8º33'44
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