Museu Diocesano de S. Pedro da Palhaça

Palhaça, Oliveira do Bairro

Located in Palhaça, this Museum opened to the public in May 1986 with its first exhibition area entirely dedicated to Sacred Art. Later, new spaces were created and new areas were appointed, namely Ethnography.


The Museum has a vast collection that is spread over three exhibition rooms. One room is dedicated exclusively to Sacred Art, where you can admire art of a religious inspiration; ecclesiastic vestments, sculptures and various cult objects, from the 17th to the 20th century, where sculptors like Pedro Serrano (from Aveiro) and the clay modeller António Ferreira are represented. In the other two rooms there are parts of ethnographic collections: traditional costumes, laces and embroideries, clay and porcelain artefacts, agricultural instruments, objects used in arts (weaving, carpentry, etc.), armoury and other objects of domestic use; Old Bookshop, with both sacred and profane publications from the 18th and 19th centuries; and Periodic Press, made up of exemplars collected starting with the 19th century. There is also a Library which is independently organized and dedicated to authors and themes from Bairrada and Historical Archives (documents, photos, prints, cartography, various library collections, etc.).


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Museu Diocesano de S. Pedro da Palhaça
Rua de Vila Nova
3770 - 906 Palhaça, OLB
Telefone: 234754325
Coordinates: N: 40º31'33, W: 8º35'25
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