Parque da Cidade


The Parque da Cidade (City Park) is situated in the north zone of Mealhada, next to Mealhada Secondary School and is bordered by the old IC2 road, Avenida das Escolas and National Road 234, that connects Mealhada to Serra do Buçaco. It started with the reconversion of an old nursery for forest seedlings and has become an open, multipurpose green space, that offers various different activities, from the simply contemplative to the sporting.


The City park has an area of about 14 hectares and has a concentric shape, with a large reception court formed in the north of the park. This park has supporting structures, like restaurants and coffee shops that are conversions from old buildings that existed on the site.
This excellent green space offers different facilities for physical activity, entertainment and leisure. There are football and basketball fields, tennis courts, a playground, a geriatric park, a maintenance circuit, a picnic site and several places to stay. There is also a set of large megalithic sculptures. The park also holds the Mealhada Walking and Running Centre, accredited by the Walking and Running National Programme and has the necessary facilities for those two sports, where you can have a professional coach, who will coach your training.
The park is surrounded by a bicycle path and a tree-grove that functions as a visual barrier and protects users from the noise coming from the surrounding streets.
In order to insure access and the integration of all these learning, leisure and recreation facilities, there is a set of linear and organic paths, that traverse the cultivated fields, forests and meadows, and make it possible to go on wonderful contemplative walks.


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Parque da Cidade

Coordinates: N: 40º23'0, W: 8º26'52
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