Pateira de Fermentelos

, Águeda

The Pateira de Fermentelos is the largest natural lake in the Iberian Peninsula. This sensitive and and important wetland is part of NATURA 2000. This is place full of habitats, ecosystems and species that enjoy national and international protection. Here you can find a natural site with its biophysical components. If you come here once, you will surely want to come back.

Specific characteristics

Important habitats occur in this area and these are a protection priority for the EU, which in itself is a statement on the ecological value of this ecosystem. There are several fauna species associated with this ecological system of habitats. Among them are the otter, the water mole and the Iberian frog, fish such as the shad and menhaden, and birds such as the river kingfishers, the black kite and many others. The importance of this area goes beyond its ecological and biophysical values, to gain expression in its landscape, its cultural impact and as a tourist attraction.


The Pateira de Fermentelos, the largest lake of the Iberian Peninsula, has a reflection pool which is over 5 hectares in size in times of heavy rainfall. The visitor can traverse the lake shores in close contact with nature, take a boat tour in one of the Bateiras, rest in the parks or simply enjoy the splendor of the lake landscape, or just gaze at the lake through the many ?landscape windows? that open onto the lake.


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Pateira de Fermentelos

Telefone: 234610070 (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Coordinates: N: 40º34'33, W: 8º30'43
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