Piscinas Municipais de Mealhada


Municipal Pools of Mealhada are situated in the sports zone of Mealhada, near the Railway Station, only 2 minutes away from the A1highway exit.
This sports complex provides modern and innovative technology and can host important events and competitions. The heating system, the treated environment and telescopic covering that makes it possible to turn the outdoor pool into an indoor pool during Summer are some of the outstanding characteristics of this complex.

Specific characteristics

Water polo, Synchronized swimming, water aerobics, swimming for babies, learning, swimming in pregnancy and normal swimming

Size of the Pools:
25m by 18m, 2m deep
18m by 10m, 0, 60m to 1, 25m deep
Piscinas Municipais de Mealhada
Zona Desportiva de Mealhada
3050 Mealhada
Telefone: 231205470
Fax: 231205566

Coordinates: N: 40º22'32, W: 8º27'19
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