Termas de Vale da Mó (Vale da Mó Thermal Baths and Spa)

Moita, Anadia

Adjacent to the foots of Caramulo Mountain, at an altitude of 250 meters, in the middle of thick forest, almost at the extreme eastern border of Bairrada, Vale da Mó offers its great treasure, Água Férrea Thermal Baths and Spa.

Vale da Mó is a meandering piece of land between hills abundantly covered in pine trees and arbutus with a rare mixture of cork oaks, acacias and eucalyptus trees, sprouting from the verdant undergrowth and making this a unique place to treat and rest your body. It has a very dry and temperate microclimate, with no fog, where you can enjoy the most magnificent landscape.

It?s located far away from the hustle and bustle of city life is essential for the healing of depression, stress and fatigue, that are so common nowadays.
Located 5km away from Anadia and wedged between two large poles of development, it has easy access to various interesting places: 35km to Aveiro, 8Km from Curia, 10Km from Luso and 30km from Coimbra.

Specific characteristics

The thermal techniques used here
The taking of the mineral water
Length of the treatment, 14 or 21 days, according to medical prescription


Chemical action of the water:
The mineral water from Vale da Mó Thermal Stations is biologically pure, with no smell and slightly ferrous flavor. Its a hypothermal water, Lightly mineralised (Total mineralization: 165mg/l), slightly sweet but with an acid reaction (pH of 6,3). The water of Vale da Mó is chemically stable, and from the ionic point of view, its a magnesium bicarbonate ferruginous water, and emergence temperature is 15ºC.

This is the only water with these unique characteristics from among the many thermal facilities in Portugal.

Therapeutic Indications:
Blood disorders (anaemia and other iron deficiency disorders)
Gastro-hepatic diseases (gastro-duodenal and liver disorders)
Anorexia and convalescence


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Termas de Vale da Mó (Vale da Mó Thermal Baths and Spa)
3780-480 Moita, Anadia
Telefone: 231510730
Telefone: 231525082

Coordinates: N: 40º26'29, W: 8º22'20
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