Termas do Luso (Luso thermal stations)

Luso, Mealhada

This is a Thermal Baths and Spa where Classic Hydrotherapy is associated with a wide range of Health and Wellness services.
MALO CLINIC Spa Luso - Thermal & Medical Spa was created from a partnership between MALO CLINIC Spa Luso and Sociedade Águas do Luso, and boosted the historical Luso Thermal Baths and Spa model through an innovative Medical Spa concept supported by three complementary competencies: Classic Hydrotherapy, Thermal Spa (with the Aesthetics and Acqua strands) and the Medical Centre (with Physical and Cardiac Rehabilitation).
It is open to the public the whole year round and follows the current trends of the best Health and Wellness segment worldwide. Its extraordinary facilities allied with surroundings of indescribable beauty, afforded by the Buçaco Mountains with its centuries-old forests, will induce the perfect balance between Mind, Body and Soul.

Specific characteristics

The Luso Thermal Waters have a remarkable therapeutic action in chronic conditions of the reno-urinary system, high blood pressure, metabolic diseases, respiratory tract conditions, rheumatic conditions, locomotor disorders and dermatology pathologies.
The chemical characteristics of the water: Hyposaline, mesothermal, with chlorine-sodium and a silica concentration of around 26% of the total mineral value.


A medical consultation is essential at the beginning of any thermal treatment. We recommended that you call the reception of the MALO CLINIC Luso Spa, by phone (+351) 231 937 910, fax. (+351) 231 937 925 or via email termasdeluso@maloclinicspa.c in advance.
Termas do Luso (Luso thermal stations)
Rua Álvaro Castelões
3050-230 Luso
Telefone: 231937910
Coordinates: N: 40º23'2, W: 8º22'38
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