Leitão da Bairrada

Leitão da Bairrada is one of the 7 Gastronomic Wonders, once consumed
on feast days, now moves visitors and tourists to experience their
Worthy of the title of King, is sent abroad as ambassador of Portuguese cuisine, being a card-business bairradina gastronomy.
Piglet maintains its quality through the choice of breeds that are used for its manufacture. The
breeds selected for their characteristics were Bísara after the pig
race Malhado Alcobaça and the progress of engineering and technology, is
currently the breed Bairradinus result of crossing the breeds in the
maternal line Land Race with the Large White breed that originated the
Camborough and paternal bísara 100%.

The Preparation
ensure the quality of the pig on the plate is necessary to have present
all stages of preparation, passing through the animal´s state ideal
weight 7-8 kg, kill the pig, once in a homemade, handmade by current
legal requirements evolve
for a killing with greater food security with all the rules and devices required. After
obtaining the carcass properly cleaned and stored carried out the next
step which is making itself more seasoning, garlic this preparation,
salt, pepper, parsley, bacon, pork butter, bay leaf, once all crushed in
a mortar
Wood, currently prepared with magic wand or utensils in stainless steel. The
pig will be ready for the next step which is the roasting skewered on a
stick d stainless steel, this replaces the typical stick Loureiro.
After the dough smeared with previously prepared introduces the spices in the belly and in the remaining empty parts. Then sew up the tears belly and neck with a ´needle pig´ and a thread of linen or cotton known as ´wire spool´. Important to give him some stinging skin and thighs and shoulders for the skin get crispy roast as is traditional in piglets.

The Broil
The quality of Leitão da Bairrada also depends on the experience and knowledge of who bakes. No less important is the oven. The
bairradino bread oven used for baking bread and bread has one or two
holes in the wall opposite the mouth of the oven where the fixed end of
the rod which is placed across the middle of the oven door.
oven door is divided in the middle in order to keep the bottom closed
and open up if necessary to relieve the heat of the oven.
The oven should be heated with wood, bark or preferably eucalyptus wood or vine, to a temperature of 300 ° C. The pig should bake slowly for about 2 hours with the rod rotated manually and slowly so that the roasting is uniform. During
the roasting process is executed operation ´a cold´ the pig that is not
more than sprinkling the pig with white wine Bairrada, using a bunch of
parsley or bay, so that the skin becomes crispy and not burn
. The
pig is roasted when rubbed stick and do not follow their movements and
after removal in incised to remove excess sauce is held in its interior,
the oven must still about 10 min to dry a little.

The Presentation

The Leitão da Bairrada is usually can be eaten hot or warm so that their flavors become more intense. However Bairrada suckling pig can be served and eaten cold being appreciated by many connoisseurs.

must be "empratado" with the skin always upwards, the pieces never soprepor to keep the
skin crunchy and crispy texture and flavor to the inside of the pig to
be distinguished from the skin.

accompanying Piglet, and according to tradition in Bairrada, it uses
small baked potato with skin and not crisp, which when used, promotes
mixing of pig fat with fat potato not getting this
correctly so enjoy that delicacy. In
addition to the baked potato with skin, Leitão da Bairrada is also
accompanied by simple salad of lettuce, not to interfere with the taste
of that, and the orange rodelasm that blends in perfectly and has an
astringent effect.
Where to eat Leitão da Bairrada
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