Restaurant Belle Époque

Tamengos, Anadia | Medium price: € 20-30

The main restaurant of Curia Hotel Palace is a place where every lover of good food must go, both for its regional and classic gastronomy and also for its well preserved ?twenties? atmosphere. All the artistic elements and the equipment were conceived by Norte Júnior in 1926. Here you can enjoy the best of the region?s food in an intimate dinner or recall old times with friends, celebrate with family, dream, rest and admire an exquisite landscape of parks, gardens and vineyards. The restaurant could not be more fascinating, bearing testimony to the glory of its time brought to the present. The classic cuisine has an essential Escoffier influence but the regional dishes of a more local flavor share this space, offering the best of both worlds. In line with the gastronomy, we offer our visitors the legendary Table Wines from Bussaco, which are exclusive to our hotel group.


The main restaurant is part of Curia Hotel Palace, a symbol of the Golden Ages of Europe; the Belle Époque reminds us of a special grandiose time that we can only dream of now. We refer to the most artistic and beautiful restaurant of Portugal of that epoch, designed by Norte Júnior and that comes to us perfectly preserved through time. It is simply as majestic as it is remarkable with its very high ceilings, a gallery with a wrought iron balcony recalling the fairy-tale atmosphere of another era, its elaborate and warm hardwood wainscoting panels depicting fruit, its original furnishings evincing great subtlety in the elegant dressers and chairs, upholstered in genuine fabrics of the time, its fantastic period lamps, its alcove for the orchestra, a perfect combination of lines and elements that conjure up images of transatlantic dinner-dances to the sound of big bands, an experience of pleasure and exuberance in the joys of the table and of life.
The setting and the views of the restaurant are also outstanding: from one side one can admire the beautiful reception room of the hotel, with a revolving crystal ball brought in from New York in 1927. From the other side, the restaurant overlooks a wide outdoor terrace, with a relaxing panoramic view of the vast green landscape made up of the farm and the golfing green, for a refreshing cocktail or wonderful outdoor meal. It is surely the right place to listen to the greatest hits from the 30s and 40s from artists such as Ella Fritzgerald, Charles Trenet, Bill Thornton or Maurice Chevallier while we indulge in authentic cuisine attentively created with the quality of the local products and the mastery of traditional cooking techniques. With acclaimed mastery, Chef Carlos Pimental and his team provide us with a balanced and varied menu with classical starters of contemporary taste as well as historical dishes that have always been requested by generations of appreciative guests You can choose from dishes such as the rich fish soup, the authentic golden fillets of hake, a tasty Portuguese steak full of character and flavour, not to forget the tasty regional delicacies based on suckling pig and chanfana. To end the meal, the regional confectionary, rice pudding with cinnamon and crème brûlée are the preferred options. The wine list highlights the wines from Bairrada, as this restaurant is situated in the heart of the region. From the selection of all the wines, the ones from Bussaco stand out as an ex-libris of Portuguese wines. Since 1920 they are produced only for this chain of hotels and have been referenced as a mandatory experience for all sophisticated wine-lovers within and beyond our borders. Naturally, this whole setting makes the restaurant the perfect place for weddings, baptisms and other banquets of a social or corporate nature.

Distinctive Aspects

This is the most beautiful historical restaurant of the region. The original and refined atmosphere of the 20s with the brilliant music of that epoch. A venue for banquets which can seat 500 people. The delicious gastronomic choices of a restaurant that has always welcomed its visitors with discretion and style since 1926.
The famous and exclusive Wines of Bussaco from the Bussaco Palace Hotel?s cellar. The gastonomical treasures created and recreated by Chef Carlos Pimentel in a happy marriage of tradition and contemporaneity, where the regional flavours are present and make a timeless statement at the perfect table . The beauty of the space itself, one of the most beautiful and legendary hotels in Portugal, designed by Norte Júnior. A museum hotel that has weathered the passing of time to be admired now in its pristine splendour. Its integrated setting n the centre of the private park, with its bucolic garden, lush trees and the original farm. Its terraces and the swimming pool.


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Restaurant Belle Époque
3780-541 Tamengos

Telefone: 231510300 (Chamada para a rede fixa nacional)
Fax: 231515531

Coordinates: N: 40º25'27, W: 8º27'45
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