Câmara Municipal de Águeda


The city of Aveiro, located in the Central Region and in the district of Aveiro, the city is home to about 49,857 inhabitants. It occupies an area of ??about 335 km2, divided into 20 parishes: Agadão, Aguada de Baixo, Aguada de Cima, Aveiro, Barra, Belazaima Chão, Borralha, Castanheira do Vouga, Longline, Fermentelos, Lamas do Vouga, Macieira de Alcoba, Macinhata Vouga, Óis da Ribeira, Préstimo, Recardães, Segadães, Travassô, Trofa Valongo and Vouga. The municipality is bordered on the north by the River Vouga, the East by the Sierra Caramulo and West by the lowlands of the Ria de Aveiro.
Trilho de Águeda
The PR6 Trilho de Águeda is a small path route along rural roads and urban, has two separate routes, they touch forming an eight, one runs...


Agueda would find in the eleventh century on the rise, with a developed commerce and its very busy river port, catering to each other and to neighboring populations and the church itself. He was on the way the roads to Santiago, and a support point for the pilgrims. In his lodge will have taken to Queen Isabel in 1325, as he went on pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. Due to the liberal revolution, and Agueda be considered a strategic political and military resistance to the 2nd French invasion, due to a military hospital who rescued wounded from the battles, ascended to the rank of the county seat in 1834. It is the city since July 8, 1985. Currently, Agueda is a town in French economic and social development, one of the most industrialized cities in Portugal.

Distinctive Aspects

There are several attractions in the city of Aveiro. The riverside park and the Upper Village, a major leisure area, worth a visit. Following is the Mother Church, located in a privileged point of the city, with the waterfront and the floodplain of Agueda horizon. To the west lies the House of the Lord, Counselor, built between 1870 and 1912 incorporating the recent works of the outdoor theater and a waterfall. The village of Lamas do Vouga offers good reasons to visit, because then you´ll find the medieval bridge (Public Interest Property) and the Archaeological Site of Cabeço Vouga (Public Interest Property), where you can see traces of peoples who settled there since the Bronze Age until the Middle Ages.
Câmara Municipal de Águeda
Praça Município Águeda, 3750-500 Águeda

Telefone: 234610070
Fax: 234610078

Coordinates: N: 40º34'31, W: 8º26'49
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