Município de Aveiro

Vera Cruz, Aveiro

Aveiro, the "Venice of Portugal" is capital of the District of Aveiro, in the Centre. It lies about 58 km northwest of Coimbra and about 68 km south of Porto, the main town of the sub-region of Baixo Vouga with 398 467 inhabitants with 199.77 km ² in area, divided into 14 parishes . It is an important urban center, port, railway, university and tourist.


In Aveiro human presence dating back at least to the recent prehistory, evident in the tumuli and dolmens exist not only in the county and across the region. Always linked to economic activities, had Aveiro salt production and trade naval their gains. Valuable as well exchange, salt, probably exploited in Roman times, is documentary proof from 959, in the will of the Countess Mumadona Days Cenobio [monastery] of Guimarães.

Distinctive Aspects

Talk is talk of Ria de Aveiro, their salt and their navies, the seaweed and boat moliceiro, whose colorful bows and the other defendants gives life to the lagoon. In the region can be enjoyed beautiful scenery, including a unique place in the region of Aveiro, S. Jacinto. In S. Jacinto is the best beach of the Municipality of Aveiro, with an extensive beach, with fully equipped locker rooms, beach facilities, (café) and access for people with physical limitations, Beach S. Jacinto is unique in the region.
Município de Aveiro
Paços do Concelho, Praça da República, Apartado 244, 3810 - 156 Aveiro

Telefone: 234406300
Fax: 234406301

Coordinates: N: 40º38'20, W: 8º38'46
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