Município da Mealhada


With an area of 112 km2 and an estimated 21,000 inhabitants, the county of Aveiro is located in the southernmost district of Aveiro and is bordered to the north by the municipality of Anadia, west of the Canterbury, south and east by the counties Coimbra Penacova and Mortágua.


The human presence in the County finds its most remote traces on Paleolithic Period. However, it is the time of the Roman presence in the Peninsula that have arisen some curious and valuable evidence, such as the milestone, the bronze image of the God Mercury, Casal Comba and the ruins of the "City of the Sands" on Vimieiro. The toponym Mealhada appears to us a document of Medieval, in the year 1288, the earliest of which is "memory write", known today.

Distinctive Aspects

The entire county is advantageous in natural landscapes, traditions and built heritage. In each city you can visit their places of worship, its fountains and embrenharmo us in constant even bucolic environment of its people. Surrounded by mountains and by Gandia to Mealhada enjoys a geographical position particularly happy, enjoying a mild and pleasant climate throughout the year, a factor that favors their ancestral vocations: hospitality, welcoming all those who seek to they can live a few days of rest, restoration of energy, finally, a few days "close to heaven."
Município da Mealhada
Largo do Jardim 3054-001 Mealhada

Telefone: 231200980
Fax: 231203618

Coordinates: N: 40º22'41, W: 8º27'12
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